Mexican Repertoire Incubation Project

Mexican Repertoire Initiative partnership with the composer and teacher, Enrico Chapela, as well as two Mexican composition schools: NICO (Núcleo Integral de Composición) and CIEM (Centro de Investigación y Estudios Musicales)

  • Year-long virtual Spanish-Language composition workshop

  • No age requirements, open to new and experienced composers alike

  • Open to composers from all Latin American countries

  • 30 – 40 works: 25% Mexico City, 50% Greater Mexico, 25% other Latin American Countries

Students will complete their works by the Fall of 2023. Finished works will be sent to a coalition of International Wind Bands.

  • Each coalition member will receive 1-2 works at the beginning of the 2023 academic year, which they will record and provide feedback for.
  • Coalition members will only be obliged to provide reference recordings, but will also have the first right of refusal for World-Premiere performance and/or professionally recording their assigned work.
    • Select works may be chosen for inclusion on an album produced by Urtext Digital Classics.  
  • We anticipate unprecedented enrollment due to the  recording element and offer of international relationships as well as our slate of guest faculty which includes…

    • Arturo Marquez, Frank Ticheli and many more
    • Which means we need a lot of Wind Bands in the Coalition!!

Mexican Composer Incubation Members

  • Dustin Barr, CSU Fullerton
  • David Bertman, University of Houston
  • Trae Blanco, Butler University
  • Erin Bodner, Univ. of North Florida
  • Nicholas Bratcher, Cal State Univ. San Bernadino
  • Josh Byrd, Univ. of West Georgia
  • Jamal Duncan, Arizona State University
  • Thomas Duffy, Yale University
  • Caroline Hand, Univ. of Oklahoma
  • Benjamin Harper, Valdosta State Univ.
  • John Hart, Keene State College
  • Andrew Hunter, Univ. of Texas El Paso
  • Eric Jimenez, Prairie View A&M
  • Shannon Kitelinger, San Diego State Univ.
  • Michael Kasper, Carpentersville MS
  • Brian Messier, The Valley Winds
  • Dennis Llinás, University of Oregon
  • Benjamin Lorenzo, Kent State University
  • Jeffrey Malecki, Univ. of San Diego
  • Cory Meals, University of Houston
  • Brian Messier, Dartmouth College
  • Sixto Montesinos, Saint Mary’s College
  • Chad Nicholson, Univ. of Arizona
  • Andy Pease, Hartwick College
  • Luis Miguel Sánchez, UNAM Mexico City
  • Corey Seapy, Millikin University
  • John Stewart, Univ. of Wisconsin Eau Claire
  • Kenneth Thompson, Bowling Green State
  • Cynthia Johnston Turner, Wilfred Laurier Univ.
  • Matthew Westgate, Univ. of Massachusetts
  • Chris Wilhjelm, New Jersey Wind Sym.
  • John Zarco, Univ. of Texas San Antonio

But there’s still room for you! This workshop, which we hope offer annually, will generate 30+ authentic Mexican works per year for Middle, High School, and Collegiate Wind Bands. Added to the works already created through the Mexican Repertoire Initiative, we have a growing repertoire that needs to be made available to all.